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Fees have been updated and  are posted.

May also add a blog section with daily postings up what is being worked on with 
progress pics. Good place to check on project progress or get an idea of how the 
queue is fairing. 

     Have a Disco Era Bathroom?   
Share your ideas on how to keep it stay'n alive with modern swagger!
Plan a winter reno!

Text, Call or email to get started on making your bathroom vision a reality!

  Deck looking a bit wrecked?   
Drop us a line and see about getting it back ship shape!

Handyman on Duty!

   Proudly Serving Communities in Kitsap/North Mason

Drawing upon over 20 years of trades ( No, not feeling old yet!) work with a focus on craft, customer service and a Can Do spirit! Ready to serve at home or at your place of business

Our Services Include

General Home Repairs and Enhancements  // Fence Repair  // Deck Repair // Managed Property Maintenance  // Home Pre/Post-Sale Spruce Ups  // What ever you can think of...

gloom crane
Veteran Owned
Serving the Bremerton Area
Making your life easy!
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