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Know someone looking for a handyman or contractor? A Visa Gift card is yours upon completion of a project, thanks to your referral!
There are of course some limitations: Completion of Project is described as all agreed upon work complete, final Customer Inspection satisfied and all payment dispersed in Full. Value of Visa Gift Card is 5% of Final Invoiced project Labor before sales tax with a maximum Visa Gift Card Value of $200. For example, if the invoiced Labor total before sales tax is $2000.00USD, the Gift Card Reward would be $100.00. The cost of Materials, Taxes or other Fees applied to the final Invoiced Total does not apply. Only Labor Cost! The Customer (Your Friend) must be able to supply a mailing address for your card to be sent to!
                 That Time of year.....
We Clean gutters!
Also if your bathroom looks a bit like this.....

Sunshine is not required to renovate. (maybe coffee, though)

Ask about a bathroom remodel today!

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