Whats coming up for 2022
In order to continue to provide quality service at always reasonable rates, the service region will be some what truncated starting with the New Year. On Duty Handyman will now only service Bremerton and vicinity. 
Other than existing clients and special circumstances, New Work Orders will only be considered for Bremerton, Port Orchard, Silverdale, Seabeck, Poulsbo, Keyport, and Belfair. 

Hey wait! This does not sound like a positive, uplifting update to match the excitement of a New Year of endless possibilities!!

Well, it came down to two things, and everyone one in Kitsap has been feeling the pinch of it.

First: Fuel costs. There does not seem to be a day coming any time soon where fuel gets cheaper. Some are saying $150 dollar a barrel crude is not out of the question with $100 dollar pretty much a given in the near future. Fuel is by far one of the biggest overhead costs we 
endure. It came down to increasing rates or driving less as a manner of addressing this. A rate increase really just comes down to everyone paying a fuel subsidy while still not addressing the second issue, which is....

Traffic. Kitsap is growing at a rate our local infrastructure can not keep up with. Outside of Gorst, SR305 and the Bond Road Corridor are especially bad, but it is getting difficult to find an area that is not noticeably more congested. You pay me to bring your projects to light and facilitate repairs on your property....not sit in traffic. Again, it was either raise rates or find a way to pare back unproductive time spent in traffic. 

Bottom line is we would rather be swinging hammers and rolling paint as opposed to idling away diesel and cursing at traffic. 

Thanks for your understanding.


         Happy PRE-2022 to You and yours!