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                oUR aor: (aka sERVICE rEGION)

On Duty Handyman is based in Seabeck with an Overall Service Region that includes all of mainland Kitsap as well as North Mason (Belfair area).

Bainbridge Island is typically weekend service only.

Feel free to ask if you are unsure if your neighborhood is included the Service Region. 

Prospective projects in Areas Outside of Region are handled on a case by case basis. Note: Jefferson County is now considered "Out of Region" due to increase in traffic congestion on 104/101 as well as on the Hood Canal Bridge.
Scheduling is determined however best serves the needs of the Client, but proximity of other tasking as well as navigating through our area's busy main arterial roads may also impact arrival times. Sometimes the morning project may run over in duration as well since every project is unique!

Unless your tasking is outside of the Service Region, there is no charge for travel. Tasking/Estimates out of the Service Area will incur a travel charge.

Our focus is being flexible and adaptable! 

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