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As both a Handyman and General Contractor, there are very few limits on what we can provide for both residential and commercial customers. Our focus is primarily on the more personal projects the bigger guys might not consider to be in their scope. Ranging from setting up a new home network router, hanging a new TV on the wall, to building a new chicken coop or workshop. Just ask!

Quick Run Down on Pricing:

  • Most smaller projects which are defined as half a work day or less, are billed hourly plus any materials/consumables. 

  • Larger scale jobs are billed at a flat rate plus materials/consumables.

  • In some cases, there will be a Procurement Fee for obtaining materials, supplies and equipment.

  • There are no Travel Fees if estimates and Tasking are in the defined Service Region.

  • Estimates for small Scopes of Work are free. Typically if there is no immediate requirement to visit the site and thus can be conducted over the phone, text or email. 

  • Consultation for Project Pre-Planning and Coordination applicable to more complex projects are billed hourly.

  • Sales taxes vary by county and are collected on Labor, and Fees. Reimbursement for costs associated with Materials, Supplies, and Equipment Rental will represent sales taxes paid to Vendor at Point of Sale. 

 We Also Do

Shelving & storage  // Bedrooms  // Kitchen and Bath  // Work Shops and Man Caves  // Laminate and wood flooring  // Garden sheds and gazebos  // Minor roof repairs  // Loft and garage conversion  // Gates, fences and raised planters // Rental Turnover

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