For the sake of full disclosure there are a few limitations specific to the "Handyman for a Day" special offer:
  • Duration of Service is from 8am to 5pm to encompass exactly 8 hours of service provided at a single physical address. (This includes a hour lunch break). On the day of your appointment we will call 15 minutes prior to our arrival to assure you are home and ready for our visit. In the event of an unforeseen delay you will receive a phone call with an ETA and the option to reschedule or just run past 5pm to encompass the full 8 hour duration. In the event of extremely inclement weather, we may not be able to reach your site. In the event of such circumstances, we will call, text and email you that we can not safely arrive and set up a reschedule without penalty.


  • Offer Valid Month of September 2019 only. Appointment capacity is limited. No Appointments for this offer will be scheduled past 29 September 2019. All Work completed NLT 30 September 2019. We cannot schedule any "Same Day" appointments for this offer.

  • Payment is due prior to commencement of service.

  • Customer (or designated Point Of Contact 18 years or older) must remain on site for full duration of the visit. (This is for safety and in case any complications or questions arise). 

  • Be mindful that you are purchasing a time block of labor, not completion of specific tasks!

  • The Handy Man for a Day service is applicable only for one physical address and for one customer.  (IE:You can't divide it up between yourself, your neighbor and your cousin down the road.)

  • All prior agreed upon hardware and materials must be on site prior to commencement of service.

  • In the event there is not enough tasking to fill 8 hours, there are no pro-rated refunds or remaining time balances forwarded for use at a later date.


Given these constraints we will do our utmost to consult with you prior to our visit to assure you get the most value out of this offer! In some instances, this offer may not be the best solution for your particular needs, especially if your tasking evolves numerous trips off site to procure materials or trips to the dump etc. 

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